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When Blue Envelops, 8: This is a Dog’s World

It was Kiyuu himself who poured Turim’s tea. Hot water over cracked bones and the dried marrow inside. The bowl overflowed, but she quickly lapped up what was left, around the sides.

“Good girl…” he blessed her, then sat by her rock. “I will not let our animals be overcome by this evil. Taking our territory without a fight—I know what some of you have said, but what promise do we have that the Big Den will be safe, and for how long? They might send another probe that has more black stain in it, to get in our noses and put more awakened dogs back to sleep. Then, when they come with their machines and their guns… And how does running and hiding honor our dead?”

Sister Mayja stood again, in her fur that she held up about her waist. “And think of the other life on this planet. Life that dog-kind has risen up and vowed itself to be responsible for. What will the humans do, replace the great fire-deer with its cows, or our green-horned hens with their chickens…. Their rats their, their cockroaches? Ugh! This is a dog’s world! This will always be a dog’s world!” the yelling woman began to pace, “I will not have my sacred collar turned into a leash and a lead! To do their bidding? Oh, I am going to find me another collar, a fine one studded with pearls and white leathers… and I am going to wrap it tight around my neck and bite any hand that tries to fasten it to a destiny that is not my own!” then she really cried, tried to howl in her own voice, “This… is a dog’s… world! Awooooo!”

Turim leaned down and sniffed at Howler Kiyuu’s ear. “How did the body of Karen Jung come here, for our poor, ferocious Sister Mayja to be trapped in it?”

Howler Kiyuu smiled, the long side of his mouth showing handsome aged, yellowing teeth. “It is a hole in their howl, I believe. Something the humans did went wrong. That’s the other thing I want to convince the others of, at last. Sister Mayja waking up like this some days ago is not an omen but proof—that we are better howlers.”

“I miss… my Master Baruther. I am so afraid for him. But if he sleeps… If he is truly lost now, and we’re only having their dreams…”

Kiyuu pointed his ears. “They aren’t dreams, Turim. I’m not so sure they are memories… I don’t have a better word for it. I think, we are seeing what the humans are doing, moment by moment. And if one of them can accidently blink herself into existence here, through their shoddy howling, imagine what we can do to them.”

“But we are so broken—”

“Tell me, does the Karen Jung you and the others dreamed about look like that at all? I don’t think she truly does.”

Turim hated to stare, but it was true. The two dugs were not as large across her chest, and she seemed… too tall. Too pretty.

“Maybe she changed herself?” then, resigned, “Yes, she would want to change herself.”

“Well, then.” High Howler Kiyuu let his old voice roll and thunder, “The hounds of ice and hell will be coming to them direct. And then we dogs can end this.”

To be continued in 2016…


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