Me cosplaying as Storm, when this Weeping Angel creeped up on me!

Random + Witty = Randitty

I am a Black woman and a Washington, D.C. native. (Sometimes, you’ll see Spanish used in my stories because I grew up hearing it and was a Spanish major.) The urban experience is a rich and humbling one which has enabled me to grow up with a real appreciation for my own ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and those of other people, as well. I long to blaze a new trail in the fiction community by getting more images of people of color, more of the so-called minority experience, and more, rich and thick culture (poor you, you are finding out that I am sociologically trained) into characters and fictional societies.  I suppose I could write about elves or completely alien creatures, but my priority has always been to write about the human experience–humans as pristine creatures, and the black experience as something translatable, but also–obviously–endemically human.  I am far too vested in making sure that real racial and cultural identities as I have experienced them, and as I perceive so many other people do too, are properly represented in fantasy fiction, to ever relegate any aspect of that precious complex human experience to something that I feel may be contextually, or even historically, as racially exoticized as its fantastic backdrop.  Especially, when all through my life and education, I have had the pleasure of knowing that human diversity is what makes life so spectacular.  By the way, everyone has culture, every human being is part of that diversity, so therefore–though I am black in addition to a lot of other things, and I have learned that I love writing about being black–it is not my goal to neglect any group.

My priority is to craft thick racial, cultural and ethnic identities and include them in effective fiction stories. When it comes to fantasy fiction–a genre that already engages readers through taking the best of human life and weaving those themes into exotic worlds, all of it seeking–ironically–to seem as realistic and convincing as possible, we will only have more powerful stories and more delicious characters if we allow them to enjoy the exceptional diversities of real life.  I’ve been waiting, since I was a girl, to read stories about the fantastic worlds I love with people who look and feel like I do, adventuring within those dreamscapes.  I will not wait any longer.

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