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Eff flexing with bright, golden-green tattoos
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CSQ 8: Fire and Folly

I guess raising the dead… is kind of a turn on… somehow? Right?? But then the thing is, you have a pretty unwilling audience. Hichristy and Eff bring Vanuva back, but now the stakes are higher than ever.

Eff that! Eff grins mischeviously out from beneath a boar mask, green eyes glowing.
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CSQ 7: Get Her Done

When Panthalassar gets involved, the fight between the gods gets even messier. Suddenly, bringing the Cull Sow Queen back after she’s been able to toy with them seems like the worst case scenario.

Goddess of Fire Hichristy summoning flame wile gripping the chakram
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CSQ 6: Stuck Pigs

Eff hasn’t been the god of foolishness for very long, but he finally infiltrates the underworld to get Vanuva back. Now only the zealous, capable (and powerfully distracting) Hichristy stands in his way. Will Eff’s best tricks save him and his prized piggy queen?