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She’s a Mean Old H4 Bus, 2: The Quiet, Angry-faced Girl

The girl with the quiet, angry face did not, of course, call herself ‘girl with the quiet, angry face.’ She was Charlotta Phelps, but Charlotta was the kind of young woman who did realize strangers must call her ‘quiet, angry-faced girl’ and she relished having… Read More

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Her Hand 1: The Shark Wife

Siuta uncurled his wife’s fingers from around the sugar packet. “No, you don’t get to decide.” “But it’s too much!” “This is only sugar, this is only what I want to drink, what is wrong with you?” She now used these swollen, worked hands to… Read More

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Animals 9: Trying

Harmon used the last of his debt money to fly back to Orlando.  He worked harder than ever before in his life, to find a legitimate broker and then sell the home he once shared with Carmen.  She wasn’t coming back, and seeing that designer… Read More