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Animals 5: Out of the Cage

Captain Zeus Finnegan flinched when his bookie staggered out of a yellow corvette.  He’d either been fighting, or drinking, or both. “Eh, hello Magnum.  Everything alright there?” Goldine had gone from yellow swimsuit to a bright yellow dress that nearly glowed int he ink blue… Read More

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Animals 3: Shark Bait

The ‘Wild Thangs’ Ultimate Frisbee team captain, Zeus Finnegan, loved to swim. A Southie forced to migrate south, savoring the sea-salt breeze until forced to contend with that Labrador Current.  It was necessary to fly over-land, therefore, to secretly kiss the ocean–to fingers–when Zeus could… Read More

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Animals 1: La Rabia

If you don’t use your humanity, could you lose it? Harmon, Carmen and their shallow friends are about to discover the truth about this old wive’s tale… Dare to guess which animal each person truly is deep down?