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Delay today

Hello Everyone,

I’m a bit behind schedule and will try to get a new chapter of Damsel up tonight. But–I’ve still got something very cool for you to read.


I’ve realized that Randitty’s second anniversary is coming up soon–I recall that I launched around Cinco de Mayo in 2010 and with a bilingual story about people cursed with losing their humanity if they didn’t use it…

I’m going to hook you back up with my favorite chapter of Animals, in which a red-headed ichthyomaniac who, on his first great date in years after a rough time with gambling and the mob in Florida, definitely takes this ‘love of fish’ and his new lady way, waaay too far. Out into the oily gulf, in fact. You’ll also get to see what happens when Harmon finally catches up with his hot-blooded (in that she goes on as if she’s constantly in heat), cheating wife in Las Vegas.

Read more about “Captain” Zues Finnegan, the stranded New Englander >>

Have a read, and enjoy. I’ll try to get Away to Arusalem, Part II up tonight.


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I've always wanted a place to share my weird, wild, nature-loving, talking animal, multicultural and multilingual fantasy fiction stories online. I also have a fashion blog!

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