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Heya everyone,

Remember how I said that I wrote Damsel 4 years ago, and that it wasn’t finished? Well… okay, so first, before you panic, there’s still plenty of story left. There’s maybe 200+ pages to come, and then I had also started a Damsel Part Two: Once upon a time, when I was a virgin and then there are slivers of Damsel Part Three: Once upon a time, when I was a bitch.  You’re reading Damsel Part One: Once upon a time, when I was Catholic, by the way…

So, I have lots of story, but there are holes in it, in places wherever I got stuck or bored and wanted to write two chapters ahead or three years ahead, for the hell of it.

That said, I’m on the brink of one of these ‘holes in the story’ which means I need to write something new for this week. But, I’m also in the middle of another writing/editing project that takes priority. So, for this week, I will give you a chapter of something… if not Damsel, then perhaps a chapter of one of my other unpublished novel manuscripts or short stories.

Either way on Wednesday, look forward to a glimpse at one of the following:

The Celestial War – A perverted young prince, haunted by the angry spirit of one of his dead pets, must now fight his way, alone, through the Jungle of Life. Zyrcon will either find his true self, or go extinct like the last victim of his unfunny, civilization-ending race after a woman.

Godkillers – Wild Zephra Fahn, solemn and white-eyed Non Dom Nirra, Raman who is the Hi Bodur, and the sweet goatherd Joshua are four holy warriors who must face a false goddess, a charming athiest king, and deal with their own religious frustrations (and really hilarious, polar personalities) with each other’s cult beliefs and ethnic boundaries. Villains and heroes test strength and conviction against one another to finally control real power in their world–the beating hearts of the masses–in a very dark age.

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I've always wanted a place to share my weird, wild, nature-loving, talking animal, multicultural and multilingual fantasy fiction stories online. I also have a fashion blog!

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