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Most embarrassing writer moments evar

I’ve got the writer’s blues again…

Getting time and energy together to update is a bit of a process still, so here’s some more writer’s chickie soup for ya (you’re not alone, I’m even willing to share evidence of this!):

Hey, remember the time that writing fanfiction became so unsatisfying, I started leaving comments for my story in-character(s)–and these were hilarious, but they still didn’t change the fact nobody else was reading or commenting? Talking to myself has never ever so much fun… in public. Where everyone can see/read. And, screw up their faces. And, shake their heads quietly.

Maybe this will cheer everything up? Failed to convince
myself not to post this strange, happy monstrosity

Most embarrassing moment as a writer #29

All those really sweet and tender love poems I posted that didn’t mean anything to anyone except for me, apparently. But, at least they were hella good anyways–I don’t care if You never read them, I can do better than You! Wait, can I really? …Crap.

Most embarrassing moment as a writer #302

Oh yeah, that’d have to be the random Spore video I posted and then tried to pass off as some inspired reflection about the creative process. Except… no, I was just really writer’s blocked, up the ying yang.

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