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100 posts!

Dear God, I’ve actually posted a hundred of these…

Interesting that, my last post, which was the first after a really terrible spell of writer’s block for me, was the 100th Randitty post, according to Blogger.

I guess this is especially nice, since I forgot to do something to celebrate Randitty’s first birthday, which was around Cinco de Mayo.  The first story on this blog was one about ‘animals-in-people-suits.’  Animals was really a lot of fun to write.  **SPOILER: I’ve always wondered, did anyone get that Harmon was a human animal all along?  Haha, or did I implement that poorly–hopefully not.  Anyways, here is a completely unrelated picture I made time ago, because it’s pretty and pictures help us to celebrate things.

It’s actually Dana/The Dhamshee from an older version of RHUNE.

And life is pretty too, when you get to indulge doing something you love.  More stories to come!

Randitty-o-Meter = 10
PRINT: Because this is a completely biased, non-scientific meter.
PRINT: Happy 100th, Randitty!
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I've always wanted a place to share my weird, wild, nature-loving, talking animal, multicultural and multilingual fantasy fiction stories online. I also have a fashion blog!

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