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More Inspiration is Coming

More infallible proof that it is worth it to strike out on your own and take huge creative risks.  Sometimes, you really have to dig deep and be your passion, right out loud.

Liam Kyle Sullivan is one of my internet-heroes.  The moment after I watched Shoes in 2006, I knew that I had been brought wide awake to a new kind of creative challenge.  I thought to myself, “Look what someone creative can do for themselves!  I’ve just got to try, however it feels right to do so…”


It’s much easier, especially for writers, to be themselves and enjoy being innovative.  This is not just because of self-publishing or blogging, or when it comes to musicians and actors, Youtube is making a difference… this is more because social media is empowering us to be ourselves.  We are showing the market what we are capable of, and being told what we need to write or create in order to get paid–less, and less often.

I’m sorry that it took me a while to find Liam’s June 7th anniversary post for Shoes, but I’m more glad that I can share it with you:  Very silly Shoes anniversary commentary, in character(s)

Moral of the story, fellow artists:  You never know who’s gonna love you.

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  1. Randitty-o-Meter = 10.
    Why celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s founding in a DC-themed blog, when you can instead talk about Shoes. Shoes. Shoes?

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