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Happy Anniversary, Randitty!

I raised my head up from the fog of novel writing and realized that it’s been six years already since I first launched this blog. Randitty has been so much fun to write stories and create artworks for… but why try to write out my excitement and exuberance?

Check me out, man!

Correction: Hippo lost his hair in the fire. He didn’t get it there…

I’m still on hiatus, busy finishing up my novel-in-progress of eight years. But, there is plenty, and I mean puh-lenty of meaty, juicy stories to read all over the blog…

Carnivory: The Art of Eating One’s Self*
The mind-bending guilt trip you need to finish writing your own novel. Writer Frank Hearwynn loses control of his own story when the protagonist Rhune gets sick of Hearwynn obsessing over a woman he met at a DC bus stop… rather than write.

Aisha: The Celestial War*
If you need a zoo-geek fix, this is for you. Elphanti Prince Zyrcon gets into a lot of trouble when his pet baby elephant gets loose and rocks the spirit world.

I love writing fantasy fiction, but I think this is going to be the only one I’ll ever write with a King Arthur sort of feel… Eve the athiest falls in love with a very Christian knight-in-shining armor… and then a couple of talking unicorns later, we have a real hilariously awkward world-ending drama on our hands.

A good place to get your horse fix while you’re waiting on me to finish my novel (I know, I know, I’m hurrying!) A sea priestess with a Maury-Povich style of proselytizing is on a mission to take down the great hooved god Odeon.

A star (*) means the story is still in progress.

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I've always wanted a place to share my weird, wild, nature-loving, talking animal, multicultural and multilingual fantasy fiction stories online. I also have a fashion blog!

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