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Love your love songs

No, I am not going to just change my update day.  Because, then, Thursday would turn into Friday, and so on and such and such…

Another technique you must master

Besides embracing animal-you and making peace with your need to be with other wild animals in this workaday world, the second thing that must be done in order to master the Art of Eating One’s Self: survive each day, with your heart in tact.

The hard and fast concrete jungle isn’t so friendly to those wearing exposed, warm-beating flesh, and controlled environments don’t give us enough room to make our mistakes.  Insulated rowhouses don’t make it easy to live out loud.  And, what was once grabbing a woman and holding onto her by the fire–or having him finally catch you after breathless chase, is now a gamble of high-stakes win trust or lose it, and then it’s as if women and men are evolving into their own separate species when we are afraid to be who we are, and can’t get back to where we started.  Being a master or a mistress of Carnivory in the love department is to recognize that sometimes love sucks even more due to modern trappings, but then still succeed at it.

How to remain capable of love when he or she &*@# -ing hates you

When life is hard and love is a necessity, should a true Master of Carnivory go for the one they want by indulging wolfish deception and creative sneak-attacks as would Thatan and Ammerwind?  Or, should a Mistress of the Art of Eating One’s Self keep her heart safe as she hunts by going all-in and having vicious fun like Rhune, even when pursuit hurts?  Well, it’s definitely not clutching the silent phone to your breast and cowering in a fetal position through the night as would Frank Hearwynn (haven’t we all done it—to a certain degree?  Anyone?  Seems the crickets have).

The second rule of Carnivory is to stay human, though your wild heart may break:  Be tough in love, by having fun through those inevitable romantic regrets. 

To Recap…
DO–Write an awesome song about your pathos.
Do NOT–Get into your car and mow through people, like so many Lego Star Wars targets.

Good luck ❤

Up next: Reading Donald Maass’ Chapter Five: Characters* should help with advancing human traits while reigning in this wolfish cast…

*Writing The Breakout Novel by Donald Maass, (2001, Writer’s Digest Books).

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