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Captain Huggyface

Carnivory 2 needs a little more time.  Which is a good thing, actually…

Dear fellow writers, there is something that must be brought to your attention.  Did you know how awesome the learn-to-read shows are for kids these days?  Never thought about re-visiting them?  Are you completely flabbergasted by the prospect of there still being good television?  Still not with me?  Friend, could it be that what you’ve really been having trouble with, is remembering what flabbergasted means?

Captain Huggyface can help.

Word Girl is a very cute show.  Though, I will reserve commentary on the Word Girl herself, for some other time.  She’s a little girl even more intense than Lisa Simpson, if you can imagine (survive imagining) that.

Though, Word Girl’s powerful love of unicorns does save the character for me, from time to time.  I wonder if I can somehow justify that assessment in the Maass book?

More Carnivory, soon…

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