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She’s a Mean Old H4 Bus, Cpt 5: Screaming in Spanish

Emperor “Moi” Crush reached out with his furred arm and swiftly took Mike’s rifle away as he armed himself. Charlotta got her gun. Dark legs spread, shaking, cussing at herself for not being able to decide whether to… “No me pegues, Charlotta, o pegaré a… Read More

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Sanur 4: Orange Planet

The Emperor’s entourage walked beneath an open-air pavilion, after passing through the largest valley in all of the planet Wyle.  Dawn sun blasted so intensely between Romanesque columns, that the light-play made their vertical ridges glow skeletal.  White penetrated every ‘pore of the rock’ it… Read More

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Sanur 3: Antler Face

A Confession, to His Antlered Face. The half-deer Emperor possessed a ring that he would press his tongue onto, during breaks in the Court’s proceedings.  Liyane was being spoken to, her crimes explained, her bruised hand placed upon, then let drop from the imperial codex. … Read More

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Sanur 2: Whiteblank

Champagne, Treachery and a little WhiteBlank “You know,” Jeremie snarled–or no, never that.  Not on my baby.  My baby love was definitely smiling, just gently off, when he said, “I didn’t realize how close you and Tim still were.  Only a couple of days ago,… Read More