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Beautiful medieval windows on a sunny day.
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Damsel, 12: Miccolangiolo’s David

An angel tells Eve a story about the first holy creations, and why the most powerful has always been a damsel in distress.

Ruecross symbol in red glass
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Damsel, 11: Tempering the Ruecross

Eve, on punishment, tries to see Cymen again. But then, after a medieval version of FaceTime fails, his tent catches on fire…

Eve rests on the holy book, while Damascus the unicorn eats a page.
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Damsel, 9: White Wall

Damascus was unlike any animal Eve had ever met… she had to consider, briefly, whether or not she merely saw or became acquainted with animals? Not a limb of his moved naturally, she observed. He walked on fours, the way a person walked on twos.… Read More

Eve rests on the holy book, while Damascus the unicorn eats a page.
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Damsel, 6: A good GAFE

“Is this from GAFE? It’s very old, Cymen.” Eve had been talking, Cymen now realized, in her needy whispering tone for far longer than was decent. He heard her in the hay, cuddling him and mewing at him such that he’d dreamed they were both… Read More

White unicorn wearing caparison with golden cross.
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Damsel, 5: Even Crispy Children

The Valley of Axes was the decrescendo before foothills built up into a spine of mountains that blocked the Eastern sun on a good day. As Eve walked alone, she scratched her head and stumbled. “Axes… axes… Axzzz…” a cry. “Braximus, Sylvestre, Jarshaun, Axz, and… Read More

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What inspired Damsel?

Because the “…once upon a time when I was Catholic” subtitle of Damsel may intrigue some people, I thought it’d be nice to share what inspired this novel-in-progress. (Contains spoilers if you’ve not read up to Chapter Eleven: Tempering the Ruecross.) What inspired me to… Read More