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I’m talkin bout tha TARDIS!!

Do you know about the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who coming up?

So, at around 8:00 pm on a Saturday night, I was with my sister and a friend in a bookstore when, suddenly, a slightly disheveled, charming teenager speed-walked up to me, Dr. Who style, and eagerly commented, “I like the tardis you’re holding. I need that.”

Because, I was, in fact, holding a small box with a tiny light-up model tardis (English version of a blue police emergency phone booth) inside that I was very excited about. I’ve only been a fan of Doctor Who for a year or so, but I love it! The kid then went into a confident, flurry of a run-on sentence about how Doctor Who is the longest-running sci-fi TV show, that they will be celebrating it at exactly 7:50 p.m. on November 23, by showing the Day of the Doctor special — and so, if you were to travel through time to 2013 on the same day and at the same time they aired the first Dr. Who in the 70s… you wouldn’t miss it.

I’m still torn between the 10th and 11th doctors, as far as which regeneration of the iconic Doctor Who I’m most fond of… but, then again, I’ve not really seen any of the others. 

If you’re also a fan or eager to become a fan, it sounds like BBC will be showing the anniversary episode on their website at the exact time I mentioned above. (Will you need to account for the time difference if you’re in the U.S.? I bet you will… unless you have a tardis. Or, a DaLorean would do too, I guess.)

Thank you, kind teenaged stranger with the black leather jacket and the glasses… maybe you weren’t time traveling, but then maybe you were, because you were hanging out in a bookstore (do they still have those in the future?), and soon after I repeated to myself, “7:50 p.m., BBC, 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who…”

You were gone. You also said something about having left your sonic screwdriver at home, which is an inconvenience I do understand. So, you’re forgiven for disappearing… for now. Or, until next the time?

Dun dun dun!

Just another healthy serving of geekdom I figured I’d share with you all. Anyone else here a Doctor Who fan? Anyone know what the anniversary episode will prolly be about?

A list of U.S. Screenings appears here:  

Never seen Dr. Who? Apparently, you can catch up on the last few doctors… if you wall all day long, all week long 🙂

I swear, this is the BEST fandom ever…

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