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Get inspired by Daft Punk and Rolling Stone

How I rocked, ro-bot-rocked my way to feeling recharged about writing…

I get energized by really outstanding, super-weird creative people. And, Daft Punk’s feature in the June issue of Rolling Stone was so goddamned satisfying for a fangirl like me. They cover everything I’ve been fiending to learn about: the helmets, three eras’ worth of their muses, and the secret, new pieces that intend to break pace with current non-trends in electronic music.

Also, Daft Punk’s new masterpieces should accomplish what they’ve done with music samples and that technological sound, “but with people”… Okay, so, at that point in reading, my goofy artist’s imagination reeled from some kind of soylent green ‘dear God, the riffs… they’re made from people!’ scenario (probably because these guys always dress like scary robots), before touching back to earth again when it was soon explained that Homem-Christo and Bangalter can rush through their studio mid-song to switch cables from input to output ports, or turn up one of a gazillion dials on custom made sound systems to produce a truly organic — from-the-soul sound that can’t just be repeated precisely from one performance to the next. Wow, imagine an electronic music duo who isn’t afraid to say that most music in their genre is “not deep, it’s surface.” Now, they’re busting their asses to keep their own sound emotionally provocative.

Hrm. Like how I feel about breaking the black experience into mainstream fantasy-fiction… Ouch.

But another real plus for me as an aspiring writer — Jonah Weiner’s descriptions of their unique music, “effects that… seem to glimmer and degrade like memories blossoming and fading…” and “densely woven but improbably buoyant” definitely re-energized me. (Yes: “Shit! I can’t write like that…” and then panicking tends to re-energize me.)

Now, since I clearly traveled into the future (June) with my DeLorean in order to read “Daft Punk: EDM’s Secretive Superstars Finally Open Up” in Rolling Stone, you can’t find it on the internets yet. So, and especially if you’re a Daft Punk fan as well as a writer, go spend five bucks at the store and read it, man/woh-man! (That was an obscure Inuyasha reference to womanizing Koga.)

I think my top three fav Daft Punk music vids are Something About Us from the animated movie Interstella 5555, Da Funk (that ugly dog you adore wandering around NYC, mired in pathos), and that one with them walking in the boiling desert dressed as robots for, what, 1.5 hours or something? Gosh, I think somewhere in there, watching them strut in “sci-fi glam” was a huge turn on for me…

So, yeah, in conclusion, that was mad cool. I never think to read Rolling Stone, but found myself suddenly delighted.

When you guys need that kick in the pants to write, what inspires you?

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