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Your 90s Dreams Can Come True

Once Upon a Time, at the tail-end of the 90s…

Avatar hadn’t happened yet.  Blogging was like… jigga-WHAT?  No, we were into making our own web-sites on Geocities.  And by 2001, we were also thrilled with a new series of Lord of the Rings movies.  Many of us fiction lovers already understand the monumental creative aspect of Tolkien’s fantasy stories, but back then, something else really special happened–when Orlando Bloom was cast as Legolas.  One day, he seized the leather girth of a galloping white horse and then with a clever hop up from the ground, swinged easily across the noble animal’s thundering gait and into the saddle on its other side.  Even better, Orlando Bloom tossed Gimli later…

I don’t believe Cassandra Claire made the clip, but it is so SO giggle-worthy.

Also around the same time, a young woman writer known as Cassandra Claire began to publish a series of ‘very secret diaries’ in parody of these characters, online.  The parodies seemed to capitalize on ‘what we were all thinking’ about what the characters would never do, deep within the personality spectrum for each.  Aragorn kept a regular stubble count, for example, and Gandalf had some disturbing… pointy hat tricks up his noble gray sleeve. These unusual and hilarious stories were so popular, it was rumored that the Rings executives would read one of Cassandra’s stories at the start of every board meeting–at least, that’s the stuff I remember giggling glazed-eyed with my little sister about so many years ago.  If you’re a fan of LOTR at all, you should have read these already. They’re EXCELLENT:

One way or another, know that it is always worth it to spend hours of effort writing ridiculous and fun stories for no readily apparent reason, except for the joy of it.  Nor is it ever too late to get started sharing your work–who doesn’t want to be recognized ten years later by adoring fans?

I wonder if Cassandra Claire is doing anything writing-wise today?  If I find out, I’ll keep it all to myself and read it fiendishly in the odd hours of my free time so that no one else can enjoy the wonderfulness of finding buried fiction-treasure from my youth on the vast interwebs.   Or, I guess I could just share it with you guys.

Dammit, but I’m already a middle-child.  I didn’t come online here to share my nice crap with strangers.  Oh, wait…

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