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New Damsel art!

Damsel, the logo. Half-colored.

 Sorry guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Still working on the next chapter of Damsel— we’ve hit another of those parts of the unpublished manuscript where I left a hole in the writing, to go and focus on another part that I thought might be more fun to write at that moment. Not that what we’re about to do right now isn’t fun. Not that you should stop reading…

Okay, before my foot gets completely in my mouth, here is my first attempt at a story banner of Damascus and Eve. I have other stories and banners to go with those, but I hadn’t made one for the snarky, insane damsel Eve, her strangely perverted yet enlightened Unicorn friend, and then Captain Cymen Ruecross of the Harmonic and Golden Order. You know, that big, red-headed virgin hero with an ‘I need to kill a dragon with my sword’ complex?

A close-up of Eve. Look, she’s ignoring her studies! So authentic.

Well, this is what I have to contribute for now. If I’m unable to get a new chapter to you in time, then I will find another story or prose of mine to share. I have tons–but I can’t just give away my entire portfolio… ugh, such a conundrum. All I want to do is tell the stories, share them, but then, if I do share all of them in their entirety, how can I earn a living as a writer? Something about this artform is so messed up, I swear.

Well, I guess you could say the same about every art form… but I can’t pull a Jonathan Coulton and post all my stories on Youtube either for people to listen to again and again and then buy my album, now can I?

Wait… can I? Wait, what?


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